Teas & Coffee

Atkinsons Non-organic Loose Leaf Tea (re-sealable bag):
• Pure Assam
• Earl Grey
• Chinese Sencha
• Lemon & Ginger
• Peppermint
• Vanilla

• Atkinson’s Non-organic Coffee
• Archetype Blend (ground / beans 250g)
• Prototype Blend (ground / beans 250g)

Leaves of the World Organic Loose Leaf Tea (Refill)
• The Big Breakfast (black tea)
• That Fig n Peach (fruit infusion)
• Cherrypie Coconutty (honeybush)
• Mrs Clauses Banging Biscuits (black tea)
• Rudolph’s Magic Flying Potion (Rooibus)
• Marzipan Dream (green tea)

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